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I won’t bother with telling you my name, since you’ve probably got a pretty good idea from the little tagline up there. For the time being it’s probably pretty likely I’ve actually met you before, given that I’m just starting and the only people I’ve told about this place are my friends. I wouldn’t have sprung for the fancy URL so soon, except it’s actually really cheap, and every possible URL-distinct permutation of Many Words available under was taken by someone who hadn’t done anything with it since 2006.

I’m overly wordy if I’m not rigidly policing myself, as seen in my little comments on each entry or when I’m writing these nonfictional pages. I overuse parenthetical statements (which I can barely force myself to write without)[1] under the same circumstances. I have an awesome beard.

I owe any Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, or Icelanders in the audience a tongue-in-cheek apology for gratuitous use of the vocabulary of your languages[2], while throwing all the relevant grammar rules completely out the window. If it’s any consolation, my butchery of said languages might sometimes reveal plot information to you before I spell it out explicitly.

You can drop me a line at I may or may not read it.

Any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or present is probably intentional and should be taken as a joke. Text and characters are, of course, © Jay Slater 2010, although I can’t imagine who exactly would want to copy me.

[1] I also like footnotes.
[2] Names traditionally associated with said languages, as well.